Lego Digital Box: A Clever New Way to Sell Lego

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Until our recent move to Colorado, our closest Lego store was two hours away. We’ve never lived just twenty minutes from one of these magical places. Now we get to pop in whenever we want, just to see what’s new.

Last week it wasn’t a new set, or a new series, that caught my eye. It was an amazing marketing tool, called “Digital Box”. It’s addicting, so make sure you’re brushed up on your rock, paper scissors, or you won’t get a turn.

Photo: Judy Berna

Grab a box off the shelf, hold it up to the small camera, and the completed set appears, on the screen in front of you. It’s not just 3-D, but it also shows moving parts. This one opened and closed as my son moved it back and forth.

This is one smart development, and just another reason to be excited about the variety of Lego products as the holiday season approaches. If you have any doubt about what the set you have on your list will really look like, head to your local Lego store and wave it in front of the Digital Box display!

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