The GeekMoms at New York Comic Con!

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Just when you thought con season had pretty much wrapped up, there’s another one happening this weekend and it’s a biggie. This Thursday through Sunday is New York Comic Con at the Javits Center in New York City.  I attended last year and it was a crazy weekend full of cos-play, panels and lots and lots of comics. It’s sort of like San Diego Comic-Con’s little brother, with less Hollywood buzz and more street cred.  Okay, work with me, it’s New York after all.

One thing I love about this convention is that Sunday is Kids Day. You’ll see parents and kids in matching costumes, vendors handing out shirts to kids only, and plenty of activities and panels geared specifically toward young fans and their parents. And if there’s one panel you don’t want to miss it’s Geeky Parenting: Raising Kids in Our Own Geeky Image with the writers from and!

Join Amy Kraft, Andrea Schwalm, Corrina Lawson, Nicole Wakelin, Dave Giancaspro, Jason Jones, John Booth, Ken Denmead,  and  Matt Blum for a panel covering the fun, challenges and secrets of steering your little geekling in the right direction. Geeky Parenting: Raising Kids in Our Own Geeky Image will be on Sunday, October 16th, 11am-12pm in Room 1B03. We’ll see you there!

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