Researchers Dance To Raise Funds

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Watch top scientists, students, and lab techs from McGill University in Montreal dance for donations to the Goodman Cancer Research Centre. Their sponsor Medicom will make a donation based on video stats. Geeks can dance, for goodness sake. They also remember to include outtakes.


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4 thoughts on “Researchers Dance To Raise Funds

  1. Reminds me, strangely, of animal training. Let me explain. On our little farm we know “tricks” for halter training cattle simply means incorporating behaviors natural to them in order to elicit the desired response (no stress to the animal and easier for us to move them out of gated pastures).

    Why does this video remind me of this? Because the videographers had science folks repeat actions they’re comfortable doing—-putting on lab coats, walking down stairs, performing lab procedures. Clever, with flashes of brilliant.

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