Piece Me Birds and Piece Me Circus: A Great Way to Expose Kids to Art

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One great way to expose your kids to art and new artists is through two new apps that are disguised as fun jigsaw puzzles.

Piece Me Birds and Piece Me Circus, from Fashionbuddha, allow kids to piece together puzzles of birds and circus acts as often as they like. Each app spotlights the artwork of one artist whose work most kids and adults will enjoy. Piece Me Birds showcases the art of Amy Ruppel, and Piece Me Circus highlights Alberto Cerriteño.

When you complete a puzzle, it moves into action, with singing birds, circus noises, and plenty of movement. The circus app has some overlapping pieces, giving an added challenge.

Kids play for the fun and get to see colorful, interesting art. Grown-ups will enjoy the artwork and can visit the artists’ websites for more information. There is a page within each app that gives more information about the artist, but the artist websites aren’t hyperlinked so you don’t need to worry about kids accidentally getting on the web.

Both Piece Me Birds and Piece Me Circus each cost only 99 cents and are great for kids of all ages. Jonathan Liu over at GeekDad also had a chance to review the apps in depth, and also interviewed Adam Sager who is Creative Director for the apps.

Note: I received a copy of both of the apps for review.

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