How To Name A Grandparent

My Daughter and Her Pop-Pop

I didn’t think much about what my daughter was going to call her grandparents when she was small. My mother-in-law wanted her to call my father-in-law “Papa” since that is what her cousins were going to call him. We were fine with that and so he’s been Papa since.

With my dad, we just called him Grandpa. We don’t get to see my dad very often because he lives in Michigan and we are in North Carolina. But recently we all went to Texas for my cousin’s wedding.

I had been talking up the trip by saying we were going to get to see Grandpa and Grandma. She has been wanting to talk on the phone with everyone so she talked to him some before we ended up on that plane to Texas.

Since my daughter is only almost three, some of her words come out a little strange. She couldn’t quite say Grandpa so she started calling my dad Pop-Pop. By the end of the weekend, that name had stuck and she still talks about playing with Pop-Pop. It is really sweet.

Either way works for naming a grandparent, but I thought that she named her Pop-Pop herself was really sweet. What do your kids call their grandparents?

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3 thoughts on “How To Name A Grandparent

  1. My oldest son Michael was the first grandchild on both sides. He started calling my mother-in-law “Maya” when he was about 3. This came from him hearing my husband saying, “We’re going to see your grandmother;” Michael would try to say it and it would come out as “ganmaya.” I will never forget the day we saw her at a bookstore and he started saying, “Maya! Maya!” It just stuck and all of her grand kids call her that now!

  2. My kids call my dad “TO-O” with a spanish accent not like the doggy from OZ. “Abuelito” spanish for grandpa was too hard to say for my boys and they could only repeat the last part of it.

  3. I called mine Granny and Grandpa with their last names after that. My kids call their Grandpa’s Papa since their cousins were older and that is what they did. Grandma has always been just grandma…until my son came along in 2010 and now Grandma is Meemaw. He came up with that one his own. Guess it is easier to say then Grandma. 🙂

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