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As I write this, it’s another hot friday night in Los Angeles, my husband is out of town and that can only mean one thing: I am partying like a fool!

When I say “partying like a fool,” of course I mean, noodling around on the internet, tweaking photos in Aperture, ripping DVDs to my iPad and planning an 11pm date with A Clash Of Kings. Oh YES, when the cat’s away, the mouse… just kind of putters while eating the occasional ice-cream bon-bon.

But I’m also looking ahead to the fall, and planning out some trips. We’re off to Seattle next weekend, and there’s a couple of east coast trips coming up in October, and a chance we’ll be in Australia in November. I’m booking airline tickets, checking my rewards programs and researching hotels. (I am also the dummy that calls the airlines when they are experiencing high volumes of calls, thanks to Hurricane Irene, so I’ve got that going for me… which is nice.)

Many of our friends are on vacation with their toddlers – one  just left yesterday for Burning Man. With her 22 month old child. She is my hero, for I… I am a city mouse. I think nothing of dragging my kid to New York or Tokyo (or maybe Melbourne) but camping? No clue where to start.

I find that people sometimes get scared when it comes to traveling with their wee ones, and I don’t blame them. Routines are nice in a world where you have no control! But if you’re thinking of breaking out of that routine, I found a website that might inspire you to take off: My Little Nomads. Lots of great tips, lots of inspiration and a chance to share your own experiences with others.

Come on… do it for the pictures!

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  1. It’s actually a sweater! No, I wish I had the knitting skillz. I can crochet a long line but can’t remember how my grandmom said to make a square… 😛

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