App Review: Jellytoons — Jellytoons’ Birthday Countdown and Bobo’s Birthday Challenge

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My daughter loves trying out new apps and was tickled to check out the interactive book for iPhone Jellytoon’s Birthday Countdown.

Screen shot courtesy of Mindshapes


Bobo's Birthday Countdown--screen shot courtesy of Mindshapes

Jellytoon’s Birthday Countdown is an interactive storybook aimed at the toddler set with its bright and colorful shapes and cute sound effects. Its simple sentences make its “Let Me Read” option a good one for readers who are still emerging and need some extra motivation like silly sound effects and interactive pictures. My daughter enjoyed playing with it, using it to practice her still-emerging reading skills, and she also liked listening to it read the story to her.

She enjoyed it so much we downloaded Bobo’s Birthday Challenge, another Jellytoon iPhone app which features the same characters.

Bobo’s Birthday Challenge is a series of simple mini-games each focusing on skill, like colors, counting, and shapes. When kids complete a game they get to choose a present from the present room. It features the same colorful characters and graphics as Jellytoon’s Birthday Countdown and easy to follow verbal instructions. There’s also a tracking function for parents so you can monitor your child’s progress.

Bobo's Birthday Challenge--Screen shot courtesy of Mindshapes

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed both apps and would probably download other Jellytoon games and interactive books.

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