Torchwood: Miracle Day Premier Tonight on Starz

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Soulless in Manhattan's Time's Square. Photo credit: Andrea Schwalm

A quiet mass hysteria is gripping our country in the wake of revelations that, as a species, humanity has lost its ability to die. From Manhattan to Los Angeles, people are silently taking to the streets to mourn and protest the loss of a right we all assumed was inalienable. These “soulless” marchers are acknowledging what many of us are too afraid to admit to ourselves: in four months time, the resources on this planet will be entirely consumed. What will happen to us as a species then? In our undying starvation, will we simply devolve into madness?

Beginning this evening, the Starz television station will be providing ongoing weekly coverage of this story each Friday at 10 pm Eastern time. Additional coverage can be found on Twitter at #miracleday.

Soulless march in Los Angeles at the Santa Monica Pier. Photo credit: Kristen Rutherford.
This just in: Soulless largely ambivalent about the final Harry Potter movie, premiering on July 15. Photo credit: Andrea Schwalm
Who will save the soulless? Photo credit: Kristen Rutherford
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