T-1: Shuttle Program: Top Ten Images From A Thirty Year History

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Image NASA

As we count the hours (perhaps only 24 hours, perhaps more because of a last minute problem) until the last shuttle launch, many of us are reflecting on memories we have of the shuttle, it’s missions, and the space program in general. From reflections on the Challenger disaster to a rollicking playlist for Atlantis we here are GeekMom have been feeling the nostalgia and history that is about to happen on Friday. While we continue to count down the days, the people at Space.com have put together a list of top ten photographic images from the shuttle’s varied history of the past 30 years. While it is impossible to include everyone’s favorite they have selected images that are truly iconic. My favorite pictures of the shuttle have always been ones that show earth from space. It is a great reminder of how small we truly are and how great we can be when we all pull together.

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