LEGO Master Builder Academy – My “TFOL” Gives it Thumbs Up

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Creation built following instructions in the LEGO Master Builder Academy.

GeekMom Judy Berna posted awhile back about the LEGO Master Builder Academy and how much her 10-year-old son loved the first kit. Judy covered the bases about how the program works, so I thought it would be fun to invite my almost 16-year-old son to share his impressions about the sample kit we received. Evan is a TFOL – teen fan of LEGO in online speak – and a pretty experienced builder, so I was curious to see if the kit would capture his interest. Here’s what he had to say:

When I first opened the box I was expecting an experience  for younger kids such as the Brickmaster (now discontinued) and the Lego Club Magazine. I was pleasantly surprised that the book covered such techniques as sideways building and locking parts together. Being a TFOL, I’m familiar with techniques like this, but seeing them used in a set was quite a nice start to my entry into the world of MBA (Master Builders Academy).

The quality of the instruction booklet included with the set is fantastic and it is well written. All the special techniques are marked with a seal called the “Academy Technique” which is pretty cool if you aren’t familiar with the techniques.

The first sideways building technique you use involves an Erling brick. I use these frequently in my building because you can get all kinds of cool shapes and angles using them. The locking techniques are used quite frequently. I could have dropped a brick on the kit at the end and it would have stayed in one piece. Not that that’s a bad thing at all!

The selection of parts included in the kit is a great bunch of pieces. (I was drooling over them because they’re mostly lime colored, a rare-ish color.)

Overall, this is quite a fun kit to build with and I would recommend it for any fans of LEGO.  Whether you’re a TFOL looking for parts or just a builder who wants more experience, this is definitely a fun kit.

Creation built using skills explained in the LEGO Master Builder Academy.
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