Gearing Up for San Diego Comic-Con

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I read something scary on Twitter the other day: words so alarming they actually made me gasp.

Only six weeks until SDCC!

Six weeks until San Diego Comic-Con?! It hardly seems possible! And yet it’s true. Actually, since that tweet was several days ago, there are less than six weeks until the biggest event of my family’s summer: Comic-Con begins on Thursday, July 21.

Time for this con-crazy mother to get her ducks in a row. This will be my fourth time attending SDCC, which is the biggest and most crowded comics convention in the United States. Every year, I’ve shared photos, stories, and panel recaps at my blog. This year, to pile extra fun on top of the Mountain of Fun that is SDCC, I’ll be writing about my con experiences here at GeekMom. I’m super-excited to be here!

As the con countdown commences, I’m keeping a sharp eye on the Comic-Con website for panel and event announcements. This year my husband (a comic book writer and editor) and I are bringing our three oldest kids, so we have a lot of planning to do. Some of my favorite things about comics conventions are the writer and artist discussion panels–I love to hear other creative folks talk about their work. Last year’s panels were amazing, especially the kids’ graphic novels discussion, the epic fantasy panel, and Michael Scott’s interview with Rick Riordan.

It was also pretty exciting when the actor who played Young Benjamin Linus popped up in the audience at the LOST Encyclopedia panel.

Of course the very best part of any comics convention is gawking at the fabulous costumes.

I hear a couple of other GeekMoms will be in attendance, so we’ll have to have a geek meet for sure. If you’re going too, leave a comment and let us know!

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3 thoughts on “Gearing Up for San Diego Comic-Con

  1. ooh, i love seeing you posting here! your blog is my very favorite homeschooling blog… i’ve only recently started reading geek mom, but i like it. i hope you write for it again! <3, katie

  2. Yay! Another Geek Mom! I stumbled across your site putting together research for a kids blog for the Con. We’re very excited about next month as well! This is only our second time, but we expect it will be as fabulous as the first.

  3. Can’t wait! I geek mommed until my two kids graduated from high school and went off to be fine geeks on their own. We started coming to SDCC in 1995, they graduated HS in 2000-2001, and I’ve been bringing other teens to the grand SD comic-con adventure ever since. Now, I’m a geek aunt. I’ve been thinking that it would be fun for K12 schools (and their student artists) to have a booth…or maybe even have a venue off-site for schools to showcase their student artists.

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