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Most people rely on technology for in their everyday lives, but geeks rely on it more than most due to being very technology savvy.

I live in Western NC, where we have been getting pummeled by lots of crazy weather. We are having high winds, thunderstorms and lots of rain. It’s not surprising that we lost power this past weekend.

Usually my town is pretty good about getting the power back on quickly, but not this time. We were without power for 24 hours and it made me realize how dependent on technology my family is.

We spend most of the day away from the house because there wasn’t much we could do without power to run our computers and TV. Plus it’s hard to cook when you can’t use your stove or microwave. Plus we were trying to save our food as much as possible by not opening the fridge and freezer. Plus we could give our cell phones a charge in the car which let us be slightly connected to the internet!

We even are dependent on power at night – my toddler sleeps with a night light. We had rigged up a flashlight for her at bedtime, but at about midnight I was woken up by a scared little girl whose light had gone out. It’s hard to try and find batteries by the light of a cell phone with a toddler attached to you.

I love technology, but it frightens me a little to think about what would happen if we lost power for good – which is a fear that comes from reading too many post-apocalyptic stories. Just having to deal with 24 hours of no power was not a good time for me and my family.


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  1. Interesting. I usually read stories where people have the opposite reaction, where they feel free and happy. I hope everyone stays safe with all the crazy weather

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