This Week with the GeekMoms



Cindy has been going bonkers planning her sister’s baby shower recently but this week, in the spirit of Towel Day, she celebrated by watching A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with her daughter and trying to convince her boyfriend that naming their next child Trillian would be a good idea. He didn’t agree, which is a shame since their next child is on the way and currently the size of the galaxy on Orion’s belt!

Laura’s son is off to Kansas to test an experimental car built with other engineering-obsessed teens. Another son is building something in the garage, leaving gobs of molten metal on the floor. Meanwhile Laura just keeps sitting in the dirt.

Chaos Mandy is going to spend Memorial Day helping her best friend move. There will be a moving break, though to finish their current table top rpg campaign. Here’s hoping all the characters make it through alive!

Patricia is home from her AF Reserve weekend and is looking forward to spending Memorial Day weekend with her family, complete with a good old All-American barbecue! She had a trying time Monday convincing her Air Force colleagues that Grimsvotn volcano’s ash cloud wasn’t going to be as dire as April 2010’s Eyjafjallajokull. And guess what? She was right!

Andrea finished the book Game of Thrones this week, and despite knowing how the rest of the season will likely play out, still can’t wait until Sunday’s next installment. No big plans for the holiday weekend, just attending a poetry-slam/art show/music jam at the local microbrewery. Stay safe, all!

Sophie has spent the past week doing battle with a brand new computer that arrived with a severe dislike of functioning correctly. She also spent the last weekend traveling the country for some family occasions and would like to use this space to wish her sister a very happy 40th birthday.

Sarah Pinault is looking forward to sunshine for Memorial Day weekend after over a week of non-stop rain. Plants will be planted, swings will be swung upon and toddlers will be tickled.

Amy’s blog, Media Macaroni, is celebrating its third birthday! She’s love it if you’d stop by to take her survey (and she’s giving away four iTunes gift certificates to random participants).

Rebecca Angel is hanging with her band The Subs this Saturday for a concert along with The Midnight Society. Both bands sing geeky songs about Pluto, dating evil wizards, rpgs, Viking Scientists and more! Rebecca is most excited because her song “Kilted Werewolf Playing Hello Kitty” will finally make it on to the stage. Woo!


R.L. has had her nose to the grindstone this entire month, finishing up revisions for her upcoming YA novel on teen assassins in medieval France. She did take time away from the revisions long enough to make her first ever video. (Note: She probably needs to work further on her technical skills.)

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