STEAMPUNK WEEK : Impress All Weta Staff With Your Creative Skills

DIY GeekMom
First prize: a full scale Manmelter 3600zx Subatomic Dintegrator Pistol ; Runner Up: a full scale Victorian Mongoose 1902a Concealable Ray Pistol

Last week, I talk about Dr. Grordbort’s incredible inventions (and infallible aether oscillators) as they’ll be exhibited in the Maison d’Ailleurs.

But now, Dr. Grordbort needs your own skills, you Geek Moms Steampunk Crafters !

The Department of the Colonial Armed Forces call all “young men and literate women” (which is to say Geek Moms, isn’t it ?) to customise a Righteous Bison Indivisible Particle Smasher into a weapon able to repel “barbaric Venusian hordes”.

The unfinished Righteous Bison you'll have to customise.

You’ll win fame, honor, admiration of the whole WETA crew (your work will be displayed on various Weta and Weta’s related websites) and if that’s not enough, you’ll win full scale Dr.Grordbort’s rayguns.
A few things you need to know if you want to enter :

  • The entry isn’t free, since they have to ship you a copy of an unpainted Righteous Bison for you to customise. That will cost you US$49 (if you live in continental US — if not, you still can enter but that will cost you extra).
  • You must be a member of the Replica Prop Forum (membership is free) to submit your Deadly Beautiful Masterwork
  • You have until 15th August to send your pictures
  • You will get a special code with a 10% discount on Dr. Grordbort’s products purchased before 18 April 2011
  • Painting is not enough. You’ll need to completely customise the Raygun. As Art Andrews explains on RPF :

Actually, our hope is that this is NOT simply a repaint contest. Weta is looking for you to use the Righteous Bison as a base to really let your imagination fly. The guns are unpainted simply because we assumed with all that you guys would be sculpting, screwing and gluing on to them, you would want a blank canvas, plus it helped bring the price down (just as a note, Weta is not making anything on these). They really want to see you let your imagination go wild while staying within style of the Dr Grordbort’s universe (very very important point), but the more out there you are, the more likely you are to win! I can’t speak for them, but I think anyone simply doing a repaint would be very unlikely to win.

  • As it is a “very very important point”, I’ll repeat it for you lazy reader: you need to stay in style of the Dr Grordbort’s universe. Check his website again.

Good luck ! Let us know if you win, or even if you don’t. Let us know if you have fun customising the gun, with or without your kids, and feel free to share your pictures !

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