Geeking The Wake Up Call

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A sudden blare of sound is never a good way to wake up.  And thanks to Daylight Saving Time (fist shake at George Vernon Hudson) we’ll be getting up an hour earlier starting Sunday, March 13. So why not geek up the clocks that alarm us?

Hunt Down Your Alarm

Mr. Wake, featured on, was created by Vadim Ryazanov out of repurposed parts (notice  the plastic pen frame). This little robot forces the sleeper out of bed to turn off the alarm, then imposes full wakefulness by zipping away from snooze button smacking hands.

Chase Your Alarm

make yourself wake upClocky Alarm Clock On Wheels is another elusive beeping gadget. This one is durable enough to fling itself off a nightstand and reportedly, to withstand being tossed across the room.

Wake To Different Rappers

Although named The Alarming Clock it’s not alarming at all. It’s based on the gentle tapping sound of woodpeckers. This charming nature-inspired bit of geekery is created by Natalie Duckett who shares instructions as well as her interest in restoring natural sleep rhythms.

Annoy Yourself To Consciousness

make waking up a new experience,

Timex Wacky Shake and Wake Alarm Clock proves an adage I hold dear. If the word “wacky” (or “zany” or “X-treme”) is involved it’s annoying to anyone but kids. This bumpy orb vibrates and spouts different wake up calls using blatantly stereotypical accents and phrases.

Shoot Your Alarm

That beeping and buzzing make you feel a tad violent? Might as well have a zappable clock like the Laser Target Alarm Clock. It doesn’t stop playing the same tune over and over until you hit a bulls-eye.

Never Set The Time Again

DJ Delorie via

The simple wood case belies some fancy innards. Designed by D.J. Delorie, this alarm clock is connected to the Net and provides automatic time setting, streaming MP3 music, and remote management.

Awaken To A Retro Glow

better ways to wake up,

This full function clock created by electronico is crafted from vintage nixie tubes. It’s not only compelling to look at, it offers a huge range of programmable functions including, yes, an alarm.

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