And The Winner Is… 2010 Geek Oscar Results

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I hope you got a chance to vote in our Geek Oscar poll. The votes were pretty close in several categories, and best actor and actress were both ties! Here are your picks, had the Oscars been run by geeks:

  • Best actor in a geeky movie (tie)
    Michael Cera, for being that sweet little Scott Pilgrim
    Leonardo DiCaprio, for not making you hear “I’m the king of the world!” even once during Inception
  • Best actress in a geeky movie (tie)
    America Ferrera, for being an ass-kicking Viking gal in How To Train Your Dragon
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead, for rocking Ramona’s colorful hair hard and having worse exes than you in Scott Pilgrim
  • Best movie that you saw on paper first
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I
  • Most likely to be seen in costumes at a con
    TRON Legacy
  • The one where you could see where the video game was going to come from while the movie was still playing
    TRON Legacy
  • Best animation for geeks
    Toy Story 3 (with How to Train Your Dragon in a very close second)
  • Best flashback to your childhood
    The A-Team (with TRON Legacy just one vote behind)
  • And the Best Geek Movie of 2010, awarded for all-around geekiness, to be loved by geeks everywhere for geekternity:
    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
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