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Twitter noob Alisson did her first tweet chat as a family-travel expert for @PineapplePress, a Florida publishing house, giving tips and destinations for spring break trips. She’s grateful to TweetDeck and Pineapple Press for helping her join the 21st century.

Laura finally hoisted her family farm site over to WordPress. Fail. Because she didn’t consult her teenaged technical experts she lost all blog comments and subscribers. She did not, however, have more than a teeny temper tantrum. Win.

Brigid is preparing for a guest appearance at Mythic Faire in Baltimore Maryland on March 11-13. She’s painting a few Celtic drums to feature at the show. You can follow her painting progress via her social networking sites. And she hopes to see you there!

Kristen has been taking Vivi to Mommy and Me yoga classes over at Golden Bridge since she was a bug (and technically since she was a zygote since they went to prenatal classes there too) – they’ve just changed locations, so she’s excited to see the new space…

…and eat blueberry bars at the Night Moon cafe afterwards. And buy some carrot cake for another day (which she then eats later that night.)

…not that she works on a reward system or anything…

The kitten Andrea’s family rescued from their garage last summer sprang into yowling, provocative womanhood early this week, necessitating an immediate trip to the vet. 24 hours later, same kitten was back standing vigilant guard by the stove (a favorite entryway for critters and rodents), confirming the family’s long-held suspicion that they are owners to the bravest, bad-assest kitty around.

Despite growing up without an X-Box, Playstation or GameBoy, Kathy Ceceri’s GeekTeen John has managed to get himself accepted into the Interactive Games and Media Program at RIT. Kathy (who homeschooled him K-12) is just relieved that he’s going to college!

After germinating the seed of an idea for awhile, Kris Bordessa has just launched a new blog. Attainable Sustainable aims to revive the lost art of self-sufficiency by making it doable for the modern day family one small change at a time. If you’re turned on by the idea of leaving plastic bags behind and maybe growing a tomato, consider joining her via RSS or on Facebook.

Delphine and her companion shamelessly abandoned their son to his grandmother and went to Patti Smith’s concert in Geneva. That was great ! Some people iPhoned it. We didn’t. Maybe we’re not geek enough, but we had a better time listening and rejoicing.

R. L. LaFevers’ book THEODOSIA AND THE EYES OF HORUS was nominated for Malice Domestic’s Agatha Award. And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, her April release, Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist: THE UNICORN’S TALE appeared on the Indie Next Spring List! She’s pretty sure writer’s aren’t supposed to have this much excitement in their lives.

Corrina Lawson is celebrating writing “The End” to her steampunk detective story and plans to send it onto her editor next week after a careful micro-edit. Also, there have been no snow days to cancel school this week and that is not coincidental in relation to the first accomplishment. 🙂

Sophie enjoyed attending a concert with her husband for the first time in almost two years. This week her blog celebrated Dana Scully’s birthday by showcasing fan-created posters made to campaign for a third X-Files movie.


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