Pokémon: Should You Catch The Call Of Legends?

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“Their names are legend: Raikou. Entei. Suicune. Lugia. Ho-Oh. Kyogre. Groudon. Rayquaza. Deoxys. Dialga. Palkia. And when Legendary Pokémon come together, only the greatest Trainers can control their might. In the Pokémon TCG: Call of Legends expansion, not only will you discover incredibly powerful Pokémon– including very rare “Shiny” versions of some of them–but you’ll also find exciting new Lost Zone effects to expand your gameplay choices. The Legendary Pokémon have gathered–are you ready to answer the call?”

I am ready to answer the call!  I’m hooked.  I had a passing interest in the Pokémon collectible card game before looking through the cards for the new Call of Legends (I have been more in to the video games – I’ve tried to catch em all on the Game Boy Advance, Gamecube, and DS).  The continued use of “holo” and “foil” cards caught my attention quickly – I mean, I will admit to falling into the stereotype of being a girl who likes sparkly things.  But, with these new decks, an additional win scenario has been introduced which makes game play more intriguing than before.

Serious players will buy booster packs to find the new cards “Lost World (Stadium Supporter card),” and the “Lost Remover (Trainer card).” Another card of note is the “Groudon (Basic Pokemon).” Are these new cards worth the hype? I believe so, since the Stadium and Trainer cards will introduce another method of winning matches.

With the introduction of new cards, and the reprint of old cards, is Call of Legends worth the money? Decide for yourself:

Theme Decks: In general, the theme decks are better balanced (having fewer energy per deck and more Pokémon than previous theme decks), making it easier to play the deck straight out of the box. There are better evolution lines provided in the theme decks than previous releases. And finally, the re-prints have beautiful new artwork.  These decks would be good for any beginning Pokemon player or any experienced player looking to add to their collection.  Most collectors will be happy as well with the addition of more “prime,” holographic, shiny, and foil cards.
Booster Decks: As stated previously, the big excitement about the booster decks comes from the new “lost” scenario cards.

Theme Decks: Some players (especially juniors) might think these decks have too many “crappy re-prints” and not enough new cards, though I think the re-prints do the well-loved characters artistic justice.
Booster Decks: Are the “lost” cards going to be enough incentive for beginning and young players to buy ten cards for $5 (with no guarantee of getting those cards, but getting at least a couple of rarer cards)?

Pokémon: Call of Legends theme decks and booster decks are available for sale in retail stores nation wide. Theme decks and booster packs would make great Valentine gifts for the Pokémon trainers in your life (hint-hint, Honey-Deary-Poo).

*I received theme decks and booster decks for review purposes*

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