Lim Wars: A Family-Made Fan Film

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Most people of my generation and the one which has come after have acted out scenes from Star Wars, or made up their own. Light sabers have been prominent parts of those scenes. Often robes have been worn. Spoken, Yoda language has been. Admit it. Done it, you have.

The Lim family went a few steps beyond that, creating their own fan film, but getting their whole family involved. They put a lot of work into the story, planning, and costumes, and the acting is quite good. Especially for children who aren’t professional actors.

See what you think for yourself. And then go out and make your own fan film of something you love, and put a link in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Lim Wars: A Family-Made Fan Film

  1. Dear Jenny,

    Thank you!
    My family and I appreciate your time and effort in watching our short movie and posting it on your website!

    We hope your readers will enjoy it!


    The Lim Family

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