Gh0strat: A Fantasy Adventure About Real Computer Viruses

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Gh0strat is a real trojan horse virus that infects windows computers and is responsible for affecting some of the most sensitive computer networks in the world.  G. L . Sheerin, a real computer network security expert, has just released his second fictional story in a series of e-books aimed at teaching kids about computer viruses.

In gh0strat, unlikely hero Peter Dempsey teams up with the computer data packets inside his computer (that only he can see) to thwart the evil hacker and his super trojan rats before national security secrets are revealed to the Chinese government. Peter and his friends must figure out how to get help before it’s too late.

By personifying the viruses as bullies and soulless minions of a powerful hacker, gh0strat is a fantastical, whirlwind adventure that pits good against evil. Sheerin’s rich depiction of the “rats” and other players in “packet world” engages the reader’s imagination as the action unfolds and brings real-world issues to life.

Gh0strat is a fictional fantasy adventure that will appeal to preteens who enjoy reading technology adventure series. The young hero in the series is a typical 7th grader who loves to play video games and connect with friends on Facebook. As is fitting for a tale involving computers, gh0strat is only available in the Amazon Kindle store as an e-book so that it can be read and shared on the computer, Kindle device, iPod touch, iPad, or other supported device.

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