Consignment Sales: Good For Your Wallet And The Planet

Let’s face it, kids grow and they grow fast, especially in that first year. So how are money savy moms going to dress their kids on the cheap but look like they spent a million bucks? Look no further than your friendly neighborhood consignment sale or store. Our local sale, Just Between Friends, is a huge hit held twice a year and available in 23 states.

Consignment clothing can  help you save not only money but also the environment by recycling clothing, toys, and baby equipment. Recently Yahoo finance posted an article entitled 21 Things You Should Never Buy New. Among the items listed there were maternity clothes, baby clothes, DVDs, CDs, books, games and toys, and sports equipment. These are all things that families use and they can often be picked up gently loved.

I always thought consigning was a good idea since usually my daughter outgrew her clothes before they wore out. However, I haven’t particularly liked the consignment stores in our area. The staff is usually rude, they set the prices, you make very little profit, and you are always having to remember where you left stuff and check to see if you have made anything. I was always forgetting to call and see if I had sold anything. Just Between Friends is the only national consignment chain that I have experience with and it has many advantages over the traditional consignment store. One is that you get to set your own price. You read that right, you set the price and you keep up to 70% of what sells. You can take all your things at once and they accept most anything kid related. But the best part of using JBF to sell your oldies but goodies: online tagging! Once upon a time all the tags were hand written but now JBF uses an online system that allows the seller to enter and print off tags. You enter your item, description, and price. There is also a discount day towards the end of the sale and if you chose you can have your items discounted. Another great thing about JBF, the seller is given the option of donating items that don’t sell to a local charity.

So it is good all around: recycling, online tagging so no writer’s cramp, you make money, and you get to help a local charity out as well. Check out JBF in your area or go to Kids Consignment Sales for a list of sales going on in your area of the United States or Canada. Any GeekMoms know of a consignment resource for sales in other parts of the world?

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