Katie’s Book: May the Force Be with Her!

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Katie's Book from Epbot.com

The geek solidarity of Katie’s story continues, thanks to Epbot!

If you remember, Katie was being bullied about her spectacular choice in water bottles. There was an outpouring of geek support and even a Star Wars day was held. The wonderful Geekgirl at Epbot took it a step further. She and some cohorts put a book together for Katie that includes all of our comments! What a thoughtful idea! You can see her book here.

She used a self publishing site called Lulu to put the book together. Lulu is a self-publishing service which offers multiple formats: ebooks, calendars, hardcovers, CDs, you name it. They also have support services that assist with cover design, editing, formatting, marketing or general publishing process. It makes it easy for you to publish those stories your grandpa wrote or your kids artwork into a keepsake.

Check it out — and go Team Geek!

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