Winners of the Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks Contest with Ethan Gilsdorf

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Sorry for the delay in this folks, but we can officially announce the winners of our Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks poetry contest. The most excellent Ethan Gilsdorf helped us narrow down the poems, but we had to pick five.

Each of our winners receives an autographed copy of Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks! Congrats to all, and thanks for all the entries. Such a creative bunch of readers…

If you see your name on the winner’s list, feel free to email me at natania at geek mom (dot) com with your address and other relevant information (like, who you want the book signed to). I’ll also be emailing the winners later tomorrow, just in case!

Congrats to: Elliot, Nathan Stevens, Natalie Jones, Len White, and Mike Maxwell! You can read the winning poems after the break.


Twas late in the shire
the young hobbit appeared,
Perhaps he was inspired
for none knew whence he was reared.

He gazed all around,
at sights familiar yet strange;
Then he made for high ground
to get a feel for this range.

Range… hmm
The word made him feel stranger.
He attuned with a thrum,
He was… a ranger!

Lithely climbing a cliff face,
His eyes could see far and clear;
His feet descended in a race,
A village was near.

Silently moving
Past hobbit holes in the ground.
His luck was improving
He found a source of light and sound.

A tavern! A tavern!
A place to start and end tales.
He entered and drank in
Smells of wood, bread, and ales.

Sipping and supping
By the hot roaring fire,
He removed his hood
He had begun to perspire.

A table away
whispers stopped and eyes stared.
Then someone had their say;
the others turned and glared.

That someone left the rest,
He was a warrior and a dwarf;
He said, “we need a twelfth for our quest.
Are you Ethan Gilsdorf?”

Nathan Stevens:

(George Lucas is going in my Axis of Evil…)

There once was a galaxy far, far away
Where sunsets were binary, Jawas would play

The story was epic and struck all the notes
Pulling on heartstrings and winning my vote

It told of a Jedi: young, noble and brave
Who fought with the rebels. Their chances were grave…

Natalie Jones:

A trio of Lord of the Rings haikus:

Samwise and Frodo:
You think they’re about to kiss,
But they never do.


Do you think Sauron
Would have ever found the Ring
If he’d had Facebook?


In my opinion,
The Fellowship of the Ring
Should have bought cell phones.

Len White

Gelatinous Cube
Gelatinous Cube
Sterical noob
Your shape confounds me.
Subtle and simple and slothful.
Errol Otus feared you as I do.
His art wasn’t as good as the other guys’.

Mike Maxwell

This is the story of Ethan Gilsdorf
Into a gaming geek he did morph
Away he did stray
But came back to stay
Wrote a book and published it forth

Now geeks, rejoice! We now have a voice
Be he an elf or a man or a dwarf
The fantasy freaks shall inherit the earth
So revel now in unbridled mirth
For the story of Ethan Gilsdorf!

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