What’s Outside Your Window?

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When you have a brother in law who designs planetariums, you never know what you’ll find in your email box. This morning I received an interesting link that I felt was just too fun not to share. I’m sure he (and many of you) understand how this thing works much more than I ever will, but you sure don’t  have to understand how it works to be amazed by it.

It’s called Winscape and the idea is simple. Turn your TV, or a couple of “windows”, into lifelike scenes. Not just pictures taken in very high resolution, actual scenes that move as you walk by them. The sample video starts with a ‘view’ of the Golden Gate Bridge. Because this isn’t just a picture, you see the bridge at different angles as you move around the room, just as you would if you lived beside the bridge itself. You can even walk up to the window and look out into the landscape that sits under the sill.

About 1:30 into this video new scenes are introduced. Suddenly your window looks out into a lifelike aquarium, complete with shark swimming by. Then you’re on a train, landscapes streaming by. Or perched on the side of a mountain in a small tent. The potential for scenes seems endless.

Creative screen savers came to mind when I first saw this product, but after viewing several samples and digging around a bit, I’m convinced that this would be one cool thing to have hanging on your wall. And if you’re a Mac user (the only platform it currently works on) you might already own a lot of the equipment it needs.

Something makes me think this is a product we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the future. It’s way too fun to ignore.

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