5 Spooky Halloween iPhone Apps for Little Ghouls

Warning! Spooky apps ahead!

Getting ready to celebrate iHalloween? There’s an app for that (several, actually). Here’s a nice crop of apps to please your little trick-or-treaters.

Candy Catch app

Candy Catch is, well, a game where you catch candy. Simply tilt the phone left and right to catch candy in the trick-or-treater’s bucket. We bought Candy Catch last year, and it’s gotten play the whole year through. ($0.99 for iPhone)

Goosebumps PhotoShock app

With Goosebumps PhotoShock, you can give yourself a creep-tastic makeover and email it as a scary Halloween greeting to family and friends. ($0.99 for iPhone)

Pumpkin Face app

I’m having a hard time finding a pumpkin carving app that’s as freeform and as much fun as this online game. While Pumpkin Face is more of a sticker app, it still offers lots of tilting and resizing functionality to make great-looking digital pumpkins. ($0.99 for iPhone and iPad)

I Spy Spooky Mansion app

I’m a big fan of the I Spy games, and I’ve always had a soft spot for I Spy Spooky Mansion. It’s marvelously creepy as you hunt around the house, finding everything in the clues. The iPhone version of the game offers a surprisingly satisfying (and spooky) I Spy experience. ($0.99 for iPhone, $3.99 for iPad)

Plants vs. Zombies app

Plants vs. Zombies is an essential app whether it’s Halloween or not. We came late to the zombie party and have been hooked on it for weeks. I even bought it for both my iPhone and iPad so that my 5-year-old daughter and I can play at the same time (when we’re not working together to stop the zombie uprising on the iPad). I’ve played through all the levels twice, and am now trying to earn all of the achievements on both devices. Hooked, I tell you, hooked! ($2.99 for iPhone, $9.99 for iPad)

(Disclosure note: I bought all of these apps, but it’s worth noting that Goosebumps PhotoShock and I Spy Spooky Mansion were both made by friends of mine at my frequent client, Scholastic.)

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