Reality Is for Those Who Lack Imagination

All setting, no plot, made creating an imaginary college the fun way to deal with illness.

Get Creative! Win Money! Inspire Science!

Write a science-fiction story or comic, or create a new chemistry set. New competitions award your creativity and love of science!

By teaching other kids to play Minecraft using Toontastic, kids can win a prize package from MinecraftEDU and Launchpad Toys.

Geeks, Music, and Lyrics

As a singer/songwriter, I’ve been told by other musicians to never share your inspiration. Let the audience decide what the songs are about. I agree for songs about love and life, experiences the listener can put ...

CABIN FEVER: Ten Sanity Saving Tricks with Tape

I am not exaggerating one single bit when I tell you that masking tape saved my sanity as a parent. As we continue Cabin Fever Week here at GeekMom, take a tip from me: get tape. For some reason, my kids thought it ...

Mom@Play: 7 Reasons To Play Warhammer Fantasy

My husband brought home a dark red cardboard box that was no bigger than a schoolbook.  When I found out the little rat warrior miniatures in the box weren’t for any Dungeons and Dragons story line we were ...