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Schmovie: For Outlandish Movie and Game Lovers

Schmovie: For Outlandish Movie and Game Lovers

Schmovie is a game where players come up with the funniest movie titles to present to the Schmovie producer. Hilarious for all ages. Read More


Truncated Icosahedron: Maker Faire NYC Most Memorable for Kids

While attending World Maker Faire in New York earlier this month, I was surrounded by hundreds of DIY projects that had been dreamt up by hackers and makers around the world. The projects were magnificent! From the moment I walked through the gates for set-up on Friday till we had to leave to drive home on Sunday, there was one display that I was magnetized to. From afar it imply looked like a large wooden sculpture of an soccer ball. I had to know more. I immediately went up and started taking pictures, it was massive and very impressive. The structure was a truncated icosahedron and I hadn’t even seen the best part of the sculpture at that point. Rob Marshall, owner of Hamlet Construction, had turned this ancient design into what he calls the “Happy Fun Ball.” Read More