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Review: Glowbots Rule!

Review: Glowbots Rule!

‘Glowbots’ is origami without the stress-induced rage. Win! Read More


Mal’s Gun from Firefly – Made out of Paper!

As a Browncoat, I am amazed by the amount of creativity that my fellow Browncoats seem to possess. I’ve done a few things like re-create Kaylee’s Layer Cake dress from the Firefly episode, Shindig. Along with painting parasols that match the one that Kaylee has in the pilot. But my feeble attempts look really poor when you consider that… Read More

Sexy Geeks We Love: Marie and Pierre Curie

“The Instability of Matter,” inspired by cyanotype images in Lauren Redniss’s new book  Radioactive: Marie and Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout. I’ve been itching to get back inside the breath-taking, Beaux-Arts New York Public Library’s Main Branch ever since I attended Karen Armstrong’s lecture on compassion there in January. As embarrassing as… Read More