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Comic-Con HQ: 3 Shows You Need to Be Watching

Comic-Con HQ: 3 Shows You Need to Be Watching

GeekMom Melody gets a night out and shares with you three Comic-Con HQ shows you should be watching. Read More


The GeekMoms Podcast #11 The Nerdist and The Sparkle in Nathan Fillion’s Eyes

Nicole Wakelin is again joined by GeekMom Kristen Rutherford to talk about her work on the special The Nerdist Year in Review which airs right after Doctor Who this Christmas Eve on BBC America. She also shares some interesting tidbits about the show’s special guests including Wil Wheaton and Nathan Fillion. They also talk about the scary… Read More

Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing

When Nathan Fillion tweets a link, it doesn’t take long for thousands of his loyal fans to click on it. He tweeted a link last night that has Joss Whedon fans all over the internet buzzing. The link was to a website that just had a little information such as that this is a film… Read More

The GeekMoms Podcast Episode #2: Zombies, Dragon*Con and Autographs!

In episode two Nicole Wakelin and “Chaos” Mandy Horetski talk about the perils and benefits of exposing your kids to zombie cosplay, attending Dragon*Con while pregnant (it can be done) and the fun of collecting autographs. Questions? Thoughts? Suggestions? Email podcast@geekmom.com (Note: Mandy was bit soft at the start, but it levels out within a minute or… Read More

Why Firefly?

It may come as a shock to some that I don’t like sci-fi. Well, strike that. With the exception of Star Trek and the original Star Wars, I don’t like sci-fi and, for some hardcore sci-fi fans, it could be argued that both of those are entirely too mainstream and commercialized to boot. This is… Read More

Nathan Fillion as the Green Lantern

While there is a new major motion picture Green Lantern opening soon in theaters, there is also a new animated movie Green Lantern: Emerald Knights starring the voice talents of Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan. The synopsis of this movie is while the Green Lantern Corps are waiting before a battle, Hal Jordan and the… Read More