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Between the Bookends: March 2015

This month’s Between the Bookends selection includes demonic advice, a future British dystopia, and dinosaur sex – just thankfully not all at once! Read More


GeekMom Book Club: The Eyre Affair–Week 1

March came to a close and so did our GeekMom Book Club’s first book selection, The Hobbit. GeekMom Mandy did a tremendous job leading our discussion board on Goodreads and we received a lot of great responses. Amongst other things, Mandy and our readers discussed their own adventures, but one adventure stood out from the… Read More

The New Jasper Fforde: A Brave New BookWorld!

You might have experienced this feeling. The admiring amazement towards these flowing ideas that flit around your brain when reading a book, almost overwhelming, about one per second, ideas which all could be developed into full stories of wonder. Except they aren’t. They’re just grace notes, elements of the wonderful BookWorld’s backstory, even footnotes. After… Read More

A GeekMom Award for Jasper Fforde!

Is Jasper Fforde a geek? That’s still undecided (read his answer below). But he’s undoubtedly a mom ! Wait a minute, Jasper Fforde’s a man, how can he be a mum? Well, he deserves to be. If there was such things as GeekMom Awards, he’d get one for sure. For now, One of Our Thursdays… Read More

Mother Characters in Geeky Literature: Pass the Test!

As a new mum and a compulsive reader, I’m beginning to feel concerned about the lack of cool moms “role models” in literature, especially geeky literature like fantasy, comic books and so on. Are you feeling the same? Even in books I love, even with authors who build great female characters, I find very few… Read More