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Confessions of an Angry Fangirl

Confessions of an Angry Fangirl

It finally happened: a creator made a statement that contradicted my own headcanon, and now I’m fuming like the great hypocrite I am. What’s UP with this? Read More


Molly Weasley Comfort Cooking

After a long winter’s day, ever wish you could just cozy up in the Burrow and have Molly Weasley whip you up a little roast chicken with mashed potatoes? Or feast in the Great Hall on some lamb chops? Now you can… with a bit of Muggle work. When I was sent The Unofficial Harry… Read More

Harry Potter and the Dead Best Friend

It’s hard to imagine the Harry Potter series without the presence of Ron Weasley throughout the whole seven books and eight movies. But it has come out today that J.K. Rowling thought about killing Ron halfway through the famous series of books. It is hard to imagine a world where Ron Weasley is dead but… Read More

Let the Speculation Begin: Pottermore Is Coming

I actually gasped when I saw the words onscreen. Pottermore. Coming soon… The Guardian reports that J. K. Rowling has launched a “mysterious new website” called Pottermore.com: No other details about the new project have yet been revealed, but an editor at the fansite HPANA said they had seen a “sneak preview” of Pottermore “and… Read More