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Free One-on-One Programming Mentorships With Recurse Center

Free One-on-One Programming Mentorships With Recurse Center

The center which provides educational retreat for programmers will now be offering free one-on-one mentorships for beginning programmers with a retreat alum. Read More


An Interview With Etsy and Hacker School About the Etsy Hacker School Grants

On Saturday, we shared the news about Etsy providing ten lucky programmer women five thousand dollars to attend Hacker School. Today, we have the whole story direct from the source. I interviewed Marc Hedlund from Etsy and Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock from Hacker School to get more details about the grants, the partnership between Etsy and Hacker… Read More

Hacker School and Etsy Team Up For Scholarships To Support Women In Technology

Etsy is a popular site for selling (mostly) handmade goods. Hacker School is a free, three-month programming school in New York. Together they’ve announced Etsy Hacker Grants that to support women in technology. Hacker School “batches,” or sessions, are held in different places. Last year’s were at NYU and Spotify. The current group is at… Read More