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Branching Out With Ancestry.Com — Part Two, Les Filles du Roi

Part two in a continuing series about Ancestry.com, this time about the famed filles du roi in Quebec. Read More


Enter the RootsTech Developers Challenge!

The second annual RootsTech Developers Challenge will award $5,000 to the developer who creates the best ancestry research application using available APIs. The deadline to apply is December 17, 2011 January 1, 2012, so hurry! Once you apply, your entry must be submitted on or before January 15, 2012. The winning entry will be announced… Read More

The Nerd State of Blissful Library Addiction

According to the United States of Shame chart, I live in the nerdiest state. I can relate to the first part of Wikipedia’s definition of nerd. “Nerd is a term that refers to a person who avidly pursues intellectual activities, technical or scientific endeavors, esoteric knowledge, or other obscure interests, rather than engaging in more social or conventional activities.” I… Read More

Watch the New Season of Who Do You Think You Are?

Starting this Friday, February 4th, is the second season of NBC’s wonderful show, Who Do You Think You Are?, put together by Executive Producer Lisa Kudrow. It’s a genealogy show, with each episode tracing a branch of one famous person’s family tree. As a very amateurish genealogist myself, I loved watching the first season, seeing… Read More