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How to Share Your Homebrew with Your Kids: Spent Grain Recipes

Making beer is a lot like making tea. Except when you’re finished making tea, you drink the tea and throw out the leaves. When you’re finished with the first step of making beer, you put the brew in a giant bucket and throw away a massive glob of wet grains. Or do you? It’s a… Read More


This Week With The GeekMoms

Sarah is looking forward to a visit from Santa this morning for some hopefully wonderful photo opportunities. She also plans to commence stage one of the big cookie experiment of ought eleven whilst fighting off the morning sickness that has decided to make a comeback for the third trimester. Amy is thrilled to have launched… Read More

Beam Me Up Scotty! Star Trek Cookies

Yesterday was the 45th Anniversary of Star Trek, so all sorts of Trekkie goodness was floating around the web.  Our own Julia Sherred wrote up a wonderful post complete with video that would make even a green-blooded Vulcan cry.  If you happened to have been on Twitter then you might have seen the folks at NASA (the real boldly… Read More

New Year’s Cupcakes

I came across these spectacular cupcakes and had to share them with my Geek peeps. I love making and decorating cupcakes and while they usually don’t turn out professional looking my daughter and I have fun doing it. The gals over at Cupcakes Take The Cake introduced me to a new blog, Confessions of a… Read More

Randy Rudolph: Cupcakes With Character

Since I grew up in a house with two parents who are educators, I have always appreciated how difficult it is to be a teacher. You spend a lot of your at home time grading papers and making up lesson plans. I always like to show my daughter’s teachers that we recognize the great job… Read More