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GeekDad: A GeekDad Preview of 2023 Movies

Welcome to GeekDad’s look into the upcoming movies of 2023. Each January, I love going through new movies and discovering a few that I hadn’t heard of previously. In this year’s installment of GeekDad’s preview of the upcoming year’s films, I’ve tried to largely avoid covering the sequels and remakes everyone knows will be coming […]

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GeekDad: Review – DC Power: A Celebration #1 – Black History and Heroes

DC Power: A Celebration #1 variant cover, via DC Comics. DC Power: A Celebration #1 – Evan Narcisse, Lamont Magee, Stephanie Williams, Brandon Thomas, Dorado Quick/Jordan Clark, Morgan Hampton, Chuck Brown, John Ridley, N.K. Jemisin, Writers; Darryl Banks, ChrisCross/Juan Castro, Alitha Martinez/Mark Morales, Natacha Bustos, Clayton Henry, Valentine De Landro, Petterson Oliveira, Olivier Coipel, Jamal […]

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GeekDad: MoviePass Is Back. Is It Worth It?

MoviePass, the movie subscription plan that expanded and then exploded rather spectacularly a few years ago, is back. But let me try and answer the question on everyone’s mind; is it worth it? The MoviePass Backstory For those that are unaware, MoviePass was originally founded in 2011 by Stacey Spikes. I don’t recall exactly when […]

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