Morphee: Screen-Free Meditation

Morphee is essentially a small box that has a variety of different meditation and sleep sounds to relax you into slumberland. They have two flavors. One meant for adults and one with a more kid-friendly vibe to it. There is no app or screen associated with either version of Morphee, and according to their website, there never will be. (Yay!) 

First up, the adult’s version. 

Morphee for Adults \ Image: Morphee

The adult’s version has 210 guided sessions for you to pick from, all in a tiny, portable package. The battery lasts about 7 to 10 days depending on usage. It comes with a wooden top to protect the metal keys from getting damaged during transport. There are no screens and no apps associated with Morphee. It’s as simple as turning the keys to the right number of the desired sound and pushing the slider from 8 to 20 minutes for your time. After the time is up, it shuts itself off. 

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I’ve been using my Morphee for over a month now and I love it. I generally set it to 20 minutes when I go to sleep and it calms me right down. I like how I don’t have to worry about charging it every night and can just do it once a week while I’m out doing errands or at work. The wooden case protects it nicely from dust and when I need to take it somewhere. The fact that there is no screen or app associated with it is a huge factor for me because I don’t want to look at my phone when I meditate because it distracts me. Being able to just set it and go keeps my mind where it should be which is on my meditation practice or falling asleep. 

Next up, the kid’s version. This one is rated for up to 8 years old, but I found that the sessions appealed to even myself.

Morphee for Kids \ Image: Morphee

The kid’s version is super cool because it looks like a little radio. It has a wooden handle so little hands can take it around easily. There are 192 possible combinations split into five different themes for the little ones to choose from including animal sounds, meditations, and more. The first key lets them choose the theme of the session and the second key lets them choose the universe they want the theme to take place in. The hourglass on the side lets them choose the timeframe that they will hang out in their world. The sessions can last for 8 or 16 minutes each. The battery lasts for about 3 hours (or the equivalent of 15 stories) before you will need to charge it again with the included USB cable. 

Morphee is going on sale this year for Black Friday for a 20% off discount from November 25 through November 29 on Amazon for both Morphee and My Little Morphee. Regularly they go for $99.99, which makes them $79.99 during the sale.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review sample.

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