Preview of LEGO Products for the First Half of 2021

The first half of 2021 promises to be filled with a lot of fun, interesting, and engaging new LEGO sets for people of all ages and interests, from toddler to adult. With new products ranging from freeform build-what-you-like sets to kits to wearables to licensed and themed items, LEGO continues to come up with bold new ideas while still maintaining the kinds of products that we’ve been in love with for decades.

Here is a rundown of some of the new 2021 LEGO products that are available now or will be soon.

This made the news outlets a while back, but LEGO Creator has some new sets that really bring me joy: the Bonsai Tree and the Flower Bouquet. I’m especially eyeing the Bonsai Tree, because you can change out the foliage according to the season or your mood.

LEGO’s new Duplo sets include animals, vehicles, a unicorn kitty (not quite Unikitty, but just as cute), and plenty of play sets, such as the Mickey and Minnie Birthday Train, Happy Childhood Moments, and lots of farm-related sets.

New LEGO Classic Creative Building Bricks sets come in at different price points, from $4.99 to $49.99. You can take your pick from these colorful sets for those who like to build their own thing.

LEGO Creator adds to the traditional and the new with a Cyber Drone, Wild Lion, Surfer Beach House, Space Mining Mech, the very neat Safari Wildlife Tree House, Taxi, and more.

There are some new LEGO Disney Princess sets, including an affordable Cinderella’s Royal Carriage, new sets from Raya and the Last Dragon, and more.

In the wearables and craft category, LEGO Dots has some bracelets you can decorate and wear, a Creative Party Kit to decorate your own (LEGO) cupcakes, Bag Tags to decorate, and special LEGO containers you can build and design. They also have a handy LEGO backpack which is perfect for a laptop and accessories.

In new LEGO City sets, we’re looking at a series of Police vehicles, Fire vehicles, and a Holiday Camper Van. There are other outdoorsy City projects like a Race Buggy, Beach Rescue ATV, along with new Town Center, Skate Park, and Family House locations.

Celebrate Lunar New Year with two new breathtakingly gorgeous LEGO sets: Spring Lantern Festival and Story of Nian.

Those who prefer a more 2D experience can make LEGO art with the new Disney’s Mickey Mouse pixelated art that you put together kind of like color-by-numbers; you can make Mickey or Minnie!

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LEGO Friends has new sets including the Heartlake City Organic Cafe, Heartlake City Park, Olivia’s Electric Car, Andrea’s Family House, and many other sets. They also have LEGO Friends Cubes, each coming with a figure and an animal. These look like tiny little bedrooms and are adorable.

LEGO Technic presents a new line of vehicles with a lot of monster trucks, a Jeep Wrangler, a Race Plane, Heavy-Duty Excavator, and more.

For you Minecraft fans, there are a number of new LEGO Minecraft sets based around different locations, such as The Coral Reef, The Bee Farm, The “Abandoned” Mine, and The Trading Post. There is also the fabulous Pig House.

LEGO continues its line of blind pack minifigures with another 12 to offer (I’m coveting the lady in the plane and the centaur).

If you or your kids are a fan of the show Monkie Kid (this one is new to me!), LEGO has a huge array of new sets centering around the show.

Additionally, there are plenty of new Ninjago Legacy sets for those looking to expand their collections.

Fortunately for those of us who have been fans since 1977 or before, there are a bunch of new LEGO Star Wars sets, including cute little versions of the Millennium Falcon and a set with a tiny AT-AT and Tauntaun, a nice Imperial TIE Fighter set, the Resistance X-Wing, and Imperial Shuttle sets, among others.

Marvel isn’t to be left behind, with new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets with Mech Armor sets for various MCU heroes, and several Spider-Man sets, some pretty substantial.


If you’re a big Super Mario aficionado, you have several new LEGO sets to choose from, including the neat Master Your Adventure Maker Set and several Expansion Sets, along with series 2 Character Packs.

Finally, LEGO has a new product called VIDIYO, which is an interesting augmented reality music video creator. While it’s cute all by itself, it’s meant to be used along with a smart phone app. In the app, you aim the camera at the concert stage that you built, add your included minifigure, and start your video. You can tap the included BeatBits, inside the app, to influence the look and sound of the video. There are also extra figures and BeatBits available to expand your band.

In addition to the sets I mentioned above, there are many other new sets on LEGO’s website, some of which are/will be available on Amazon. As usual, LEGO continues to be creative in their offerings. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the second half of the year.

Note: LEGO sent me a preview box with a few samples for preview purposes.

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