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Geekify Your Feet with’s Latest Footwear

The pandemic has caused a lot of people to take up new hobbies: sourdough bread, Animal Crossing. For me, though, it’s been collecting shoes. I have no idea where this came from, but my feet are quite happy with the development. Today, presents five new styles for the geek in your family ranging from Avitar the Last Airbender to Wonder Woman with more in between. Here’s a look at what they have to offer your feet. Pro-tip. Order one size up in the unisex shoes. They run a bit tight. I’m a size 11 women’s and was sent a size 9 men’s/11 women’s in The Child shoes and had to swap them out for the next size up.

Avatar the Last Airbender Shoes ($39.99)

I’ll be the first to admit that I know very little about Avatar the Last Airbender but I won’t be the first to deny that these shoes are stylish and capture the essence of the character and pull it off with a lot of style. The bright orange color with the simple blue touches that represent the main character makes this the perfect fit for any Avatar fan. Pair it up with the Men’s Avatar State Aang T-Shirt ($14.99)These shoes are unisex and start at a men’s 5/women’s 7 and end at men’s 12/women’s 14.

The Child Shoes ($39.99)

Who isn’t a fan of The Child aka Baby Yoda aka Grogu from The Mandalorian? I mean, how can you not be with his adorableness and all the memes out there making him even more so? These shoes are a quirky awesome tribute to our favorite Mandalorian character. I love the green side panels and the head on the lip of the shoes makes it for an interesting piece. And being the bag geek I am, I couldn’t leave this post without recommending the Loungefly Mandalorian The Child All-Over-Print bag ($44.99). These shoes are unisex and start at a men’s 5/women’s 7 and end at men’s 12/women’s 14.

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Wonder Woman Shoes ($39.99)

Take to the skies with the Wonder Woman sneakers. The colors. The design. Oh Hera you have blessed us. My favorite part of these sneakers are the colors. The deep red, navy blue, and goldwork together nicely to represent one of the strongest women in the DC Universe. I’m all about pairing up my shoes with accessories and has a super Wonder Woman Loungefly bag and a Burnout Crop Pullover Hoodie that will go great with these shoes. These shoes come in women’s sizes specifically and start at a women’s 5 and end at women’s 11.

Harry Potter Quidditch Shoes ($39.99)

You’re a wizard, Harry! And with these quidditch shoes, you are ready to take the field. With Harry’s signature 07 in gold on the sides and the Gryfindor brown and red colors, you are set to represent the best seeker there ever was. Pair these with a pair of skinny jeans and your favorite HP shirt to pull the look off all over. Check out’s Harry Potter Red Moon Hogwarts Adult T-Shirt ($14.99) to go along with these kick-butt shoes. These shoes are unisex and start at a men’s 5/women’s 7 and end at men’s 12/women’s 14.

Luna Lovegood Shoes ($39.99)

Luna Lovegood is a member of my tribe. I love her quirkiness and ability to stand out while standing up for herself. She doesn’t let other’s opinions derail her and these shoes perfectly show off her style. My favorite aspect of these shoes has to be her signature glasses on the sides and the brightly colored laces. Overall, these shoes are perfection and I can’t wait to add them to my collection. While you’re hooking yourself up with these shoes, check out this backpack by Danielle Nicole Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Backpack ($68.00). These shoes come in women’s sizes specifically and start at a women’s 5 and end at women’s 11.

Which pair is your favorite? Leave me a note in the comments!

Disclaimer: GeekMom received The Child shoes to review.

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