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Universal Studios – Top Five Things to Know About the Reopening

Beetlejuice welcomes guests to Universal Orlando \ Image: Brian Sullivan

When guests start to hit the Universal Studios parks again this week they will have a shock to their system. Other than the temperature checks at Citywalk, there are some other non-advertised rules you must follow. Here are the top five things you should know before heading into the parks.

Rouge, Wolverine, Goblin, Doom \ Image: Steve Groot
  1. Food must be ordered through the Universal Orlando app for most dining establishments. You also must pay through the app. If you want to use cash or order another way, management has to approve it and they will still try to push you into using the app.
  2. Buying merchandise is a dance of going up to the counter, backing away from the counter, going up to the counter, and then backing away. You and the cashier cannot be at the counter at the same time because of social distancing rules.
  3. Characters will be out, but they will be socially distanced from guests. Face roles will be on stages away from guests, and they will be wearing masks that match their outfits.
  4. Hand sanitizer is available everywhere and on some rides, they will squirt your hands before getting on.
  5. There are designated areas where you can take your mask off for a break but you must still practice social distancing.

I’m sure there will be more to this reopening as they work out the kinks, but, for now, knowing these five things ahead of time will at least let you enjoy your day a little easier.

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