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Tayogo Technology: A Brand You Should Know

Tayogo \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

Tayogo is one of those brands you come across on Amazon but since they’re not Plantronics, Sony, or Skull Candy, you might be hesitant to give them a shot. I’m here to tell you to give them that shot. After testing out three of their products, I’m a believer.

Here is a brief review of the three products I tested out.

Bone Conduction Headphones with Microphone

Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones \ Image: Tayogo


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Six hours of continuous use
  • Good quality sound
  • Comfortable
  • Available on Amazon
  • Retail for $35.88

My Experience

I know the listing says the battery lasts for six hours, but my experience was different. I got around 13 hours of listening time with these puppies on a full charge. They were comfortable to a point. After a little bit, I had to adjust them just a little because my ear would get a little sore. Nothing drastic, just a little, “ouch, let’s move them a bit” kind of feeling. The controls are easy to use and quick with no lag time. For the price and the battery life, you really can’t beat these.

Tayogo 8GB Waterproof MP3 Player

Tayogo Waterproof Headphones \ Image: Tayogo


  • Fully submersible
  • IPX8 rating (that means you can swim with them)
  • 8 GB of memory
  • Enjoy them in up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lightweight
  • Come with special earbuds for swimming
  • Available on Amazon
  • Retail for $39.99

My Experience

I’m going on a cruise soon so I wanted headphones I could wear at the pool and not worry about needing my phone to sync with it. I also wanted something waterproof. These hit both marks. I tested them in the shower and they worked beautifully. The sound was high quality for what they are and the earbuds stayed in my ears even when I was washing my hair. The controls are easy to use but feel a bit stiff in the beginning. To add music, you pop the player out, plug it into your pc (Mac or Windows) and just drag and drop your music.

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For the price, you can’t beat these with the wireless capability and the IPX8 waterproof rating.

Tayogo Underwater Selfie Stick with Wi-Fi Remote Control

Tayogo Diving Selfie Stick Tayogo Waterproof Headphones \ Image: Tayogo


  • Waterproof
  • Extends up to three feet in length
  • Wireless Wi-Fi remote built-in
  • Quick extending
  • Available on Amazon
  • Retails for $39.99

My Experience

This is one of my favorite selfie sticks. I like how the shaft extends and locks into place. I also like the wireless remote and how easy it is to plug and play. This is compatible with the GoPro 4 and up. I haven’t tested it on any other camera but I’m sure if your camera has Wi-Fi it’s worth giving it a shot. The battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It’s waterproof up to 3 meters with an IPX68 rating. I haven’t tested the length of the battery, but Tayogo claims the battery lasts around four hours.

There are other underwater selfie sticks out there (I own at least one other) but none compare to the price and the ability to use it wirelessly underwater.


My favorite product so far has been the Bone Conduction Headphones. I used them at work and it was nice to not have to turn my music off or pull out an earbud when someone would want to talk to me. The selfie stick and waterproof headphones are strong contenders for the first place though.

If you haven’t considered Tayogo in the past, give them a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

Disclaimer: I was given samples in exchange for an honest review.

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