Get ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Ready with Po-Zu’s Latest ‘Star Wars’ Shoes

Po-Zu’s Range of Star Wars Shoes Focuses Heavily on Rey-Inspired Designs, Image: Po-Zu

Po-Zu’s range of Star Wars shoes has expanded in time for The Rise of Skywalker and several of the new designs are high on my wish list. Po-Zu has been one of my favorite footwear companies for several years now thanks to an ideal mixture of ethical manufacturing, stunning style, and incredible comfort.

As a proud owner of two pairs of Rey tweed boots, I can honestly say they’re some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Many of the Po-Zu range of Star Wars shoes are screen accurate, which makes them perfect for cosplayers, but they are also subtle enough for everyday wear.

I’ve covered the previous Po-Zu range before, but here’s a look at the latest Star Wars shoes from the company, covering styles for everyone. Buy before Dec 2nd, 2019 using code BUYSUSTAINABLE for an extra 20% off.

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Rey Black Tweed Boots, Images: Po-Zu

Rey Black Tweed Boots

A darker twist on the classic Rey boot inspired by the Dark Rey seen in the film’s trailer, the Rey Black Tweed boots are right at the top of my Christmas wish list. The black color will allow it to go with almost any outfit, the tweed material will keep you warm in the winter, and the boot is also vegetarian. For folks like me who remain goth at heart, these are perfection.

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Rey Black Leather Boots, Images: Po-Zu

Rey Black Leather Boots

Based on the same design as the original Rey boot, this black leather variant is a more weatherproof option suitable if you need to stop by Eadu or Kamino this winter. The use of leather does make this pair slightly pricier than their tweed siblings, however.

Rey Hi Boot in Black, Image:s Po-Zu

Rey Hi Boot

The brown version of this has been around since The Last Jedi, but The Rise of Skywalker gives us a black alternative that looks, if possible, even more stunning than their predecessor. They’re by far the most expensive item in the Star Wars collection at £225, but just imagine yourself striding across Mustafar in these to confront your enemies!

Rey Natural Linen Boots, Images: Po-Zu

Rey Natural Linen Boots

Another style based on the original Rey boot, this natural linen variant comes in a lighter color (there is also silver and grey linen versions) and is fully vegan. The linen material will make it ideal for warmer climates when the woolen tweed original would be too hot, such as hiking across Tattooine to visit Tosche Station.

Finn IX Boots, Images: Po-Zu

Finn IX Boots

Based on Finn’s costume from The Rise of Skywalker, these brown leather boots include a thick sole – perfect for trekking across the deserts of Jakku or the forests of the Endor moon. A black version is also available labeled as Poe’s Black boots.

Resistance Rain Boots in Grey and Black, Images: Po-Zu

Resistance Rain Boots

Available in black and grey, these rain boots are 100% waterproof and also fully vegan, made from Fair Trade rubber. With the Resistance badge prominently displayed, you can show your commitment to saving the planet, whether that’s Earth or somewhere far, far away. These boots are available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Po-Zu range of Star Wars shoes, and keep your eyes open for regular discounts too.

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