Is Natalie Portman ‘Worthy’ of the Mjolnir?

Jane Foster is Worthy!

In case you missed the reveal of Phase 4 of the Marvel Comic Universe, at San Diego Comic-Con last week, there were big bombs dropped on the MCU stage.

The announcements of Blade, Shang-Chi, Eternals and Thor 4 shook the internet, and we’re starting to make our way through the rubble.

As with all things diversity and inclusion, the arguments are full-blown on social media on whether Marvel is making a conscious effort for more people to be seen, or shoehorning actors into roles they don’t belong in, to capitalize on the latest “trends.”

Didn’t we just go through this with Captain Marvel?

Is Natalie Portman worthy of wielding the Mjolnir as The Might Thor? Of Course!

Some fans are still salty from her departure from the massive franchise three years ago. While the exact reason she left after Thor: The Dark World has never been confirmed, it is suspected there was a falling out over how Patty Jenkins was treated.

Others think Tessa Thompson should take the title, citing her battle chops makes her a better candidate, although being the first LGBTQIA+ character in the MCU has it’s own mantel.

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There are also those crying “fake diversity” over Natalie’s placement in the role, among other decisions, or that she is somehow physically unfit to wield the hammer. Luckily, Rotten Tomatoes already changed its review policies after the Captain Marvel debacle.

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Let’s remember that we are talking about Natalie f*cking Portman.

Her list of awards is so long it has it’s own wikipedia page titled, ‘List of awards and nominations received by Natalie Portman.”

Are we really questioning Portman’s acting ability?

Sure, her portrayal of Jane Foster in Thor: The Dark World wasn’t the best. Factor in the drama surrounding the films creation and I can give her a little bit of a pass. I’m amazing at my job, and sometimes I’m not working for / with the right people and it can affect how my face looks.

I also heard she originally signed on for three movies, and as we all know, she did two. As great as Marvel is, they are a business and so many factors come into play with casting, and things like, previous contracts, could be at play here.

The last thing to remember, Jane Foster becomes Thor in the comics, and no one believes its her because Jane is skinny and frail from cancer. So….

There are plenty of other ways to criticize Marvel’s diversity and inclusion efforts. It still stings a little every time I see Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One, and we still need a Latinx superhero or many, but I think the message is becoming clearer.

Diversity is always a win. Now let’s bring some of that inclusion into the board room!

And for the love of Hodor, her name is MIGHTY THOR!

credit: Marvel[See Also: SDCC: Chatting with Chris Prynoski of Titmouse Entertainment]

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