Program Your Holiday Lights With Twinkly LED String Lights

Twinkly LED Christmas lights take the boring out of Christmas lights by giving you the ability to program your lights to suit your mood and design aspirations at the moment.

My husband first took our strand for a test drive during Halloween and, after that, programmed them right into Thanksgiving and to, you guessed it, they get programmed right into Christmas.

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String multiple strands together to create a super strand of lights and come up with a massive programmable light show of awesome to amaze your neighbors and drive-by spectators.

Twinkly! \ Image: Twinkly

What I like is how easy it is to create new combinations. You just swipe with your finger what you want to do on the app and the lights do it. Want to throw in some music? Pick your tune and throw it in. There’s no lag time in updating them either. I was screwing around one day and my husband couldn’t tell if it was me doing it or if the lights were doing it by themselves.

Twinkly can also be integrated with Google Assistant so have fun telling Google Home to control your lights!

You can purchase Twinkly in a variety of strands including 56, 105, 175, and 255 and they work both indoors and outdoors. Pricing starts at $96 for a strand of 56 lights. Check them out on their website or Amazon for more information!

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