Have iPhone 7. Need Bluetooth Headphones.

Zagg wireless audio lineup (from left to right: Plugz, Charisma, Summit, Impulse) Image courtesy of Zagg

Thanks to the iPhone 7 lacking a headphone jack, I’m slowly being forced to add yet another item to my nightly charging list: headphones. Yes, I know I can get the new lightning connector ear buds or the adapter for my current headphones, but I feel like being difficult, so new headphones it is.

Charisma wireless headphones Image courtesy of Zagg

Zagg has released a couple of inexpensive options for those on a budget after blowing all their money on the phone.

I checked out the Charisma and Plugz styles which retail for $29.99. You might think cheap headphones = cheap sound, but that doesn’t compute here. In fact, I think the sound is comparable to a $50 set of headphones I have at home.

Both styles clip to your shirt and both of them come with a lifetime warranty on the earbud tips. The main components have buttons for you to control your music with.

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Just what the doctor ordered. Image: Dakster Sullivan

The difference in the Charisma and Plugz is that the Charisma buds are magnetic and snap together so they don’t dangle around your neck when not in use. The Charisma buds also meet IPX-2 standards for sweat resistance, which make them great for working out with.

The perks I found of using these buds over other Bluetooth headsets I’ve tried:

  • Cheap – $30
  • Comfortable – My ears weren’t screaming at me after using them for the first time.
  • Pack up small – Wrap them around their controller, throw them in your bag, and go.
  • Takes 1 hour to charge for 5 hours of play time


  • Battery only lasts 5 hours
  • Headphones don’t tell you when the battery is low. They just die. (Your phone will give you a battery indicator, but I like it when the headphones beep or give some kind of alert in your ears that they are running low on juice.)

For me, the comfortable factor outweighs the battery factor. I can manage 1 hour of charging, or, heck, 30 minutes of charging, for a pair of headphones with good sound that don’t hurt my ears. I wrap these up, toss them in my Publix pill bottle holder, and off I go.

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