Talk Like a Pirate Day: Craft a Quick Pirate!


Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Whether your little pirate is in need of Tulle or clam diggers, there are plenty of ideas out there for a pirate costume be it last minute or pre-planned.

  • For the craft challenged you can model your young swashbuckler using this guide to no-sew Pirate costuming.


    Image: Sarah Pinault

  • Toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, and empty soda bottles can be turned into a quick spy glass with a bit of black paint or construction paper. Use Masking tape and felt to cover sharp edges if ye be using a soda bottle.
  • Even Martha Steweart gets into the swing of things, and if Martha is your costume icon, then take a look at her MacGuyvered Pirate ensemble.
  • If you have a white T-shirt then you are only a few snips or stripes away from Piracy. Cutting holes around the bottom edge, and roughing up the collar will give you a villainous look instantly. Taking a blue/black sharpie to it and adding stripes will just complete the look.
  • Those big chunky beads that make you feel like Sarah Jessica Parker, can easily make you feel like a pirate when worn with a swashbuckling outfit.
  • A bandanna can be worn around the neck for a quick cowboy change, but as a head scarf to create a blustering Blackbeard.
  • A half circle of black felt along with a piece of ribbon or elastic makes for a quick eye-patch.
  • Make your own Pirate Kitten from The Octonauts.
  • Get hands on with your little ones and follow these how to videos from Cbeebies. They show you how to make a telescope, a treasure map, a beard and a hook hand.
  • Dress up that cuddly friend with these costumes for cuddly toys from Alpha Mom.
  • All you need is a brown paper bag for this quick hat and spy glass.
  • If you aren’t concerned about encouraging weaponry, you can turn last week’s newspaper into a sword. The pen is just as mighty!
  • And don’t forget, a few boxes and strips of fabric can create a pirate ship faster than you can say Long John Silver.

Sarah Pinault

Sarah Pinault was born in England, where she lived peacefully until her handsome Prince turned out to be a Mainer. She relocated in 2003 and has been happily living in Vacation Land ever since. Sarah is the mother of two boys, and writes about living the Maine life at She is a craft junkie, and a glutton for the written word.

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