“Tesla” by They Might Be Giants is Educational and Awesome


“Tesla” is featured on the band’s 16th studio album, “Nanobots.” Image: They Might Be Giants/YouTube.

They Might Be Giants are still rocking the science theme with Nanobots, the group’s 16th studio album. It has a total of 25 songs, but only one of them pays homage to the great Nikola Tesla.

Tesla” is definitely not my favorite TMBG video, but the subject matter and lyrics are fantastic. John Flansburgh and John Linnell run through some of Tesla’s achievements and then ask the burning question, “How can that knowledge be tamed?”

Yeah, don’t expect an answer, but the newly posted video for “Tesla” is certainly worth two minutes of your time. Check it out below.

Nanobots is available now.

Rachel Cericola

Rachel Cericola

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