Wonder Woman

‘Wonder Woman: Warbringer’ — The Graphic Novel

'Wonder Woman: Warbringer' the graphic novel brings this coming-of-age story to brilliant life.

January 24, 2020

‘Diana, Princess of the Amazons:’ The Wonder Woman Story For Young Readers

'Diana, Princess of the Amazons' is the story I wish I'd had to give to my children when they were…

January 7, 2020

Return of the Amazons: G. Willow Wilson’s ‘Wonder Woman’

It's time to take a deep dive into G. Willow Wilson' run on 'Wonder Woman.'

August 23, 2019

Review – Wonder Woman #58: New Writer, New Ares?

Reading Time: 3 minutesWonder Woman #58 cover, via DC Comics. Wonder Woman #58 – G. Willow Wilson, Writer; Cary Nord,…

November 14, 2018

Review – Wonder Woman #57: Witchmarked and….Dead?

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Witching Hour, part 4 Wonder Woman #57 – James Tynion IV, Writer; Emanuela Lupacchino, Penciller; Ray…

October 24, 2018

New York Comic Con: DC’s World’s Finest

World's Finest from DC: DeConnick talks Aquaman, Amazons, and, surprisingly, Lois Lane, and the panel also covered 'Justice League Dark,'…

October 8, 2018

8 Empowering and Inspiring Books for Your IWD Reading List

Today is International Women's Day and we have put together an IWD reading list for you. This list contains a…

March 8, 2018

The New ‘Wonder Woman’ Comic Run Is a Disaster

The current Wonder Woman arc, written by James Robinson that includes two characters created by DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff…

January 16, 2018

Toxic Motherhood: ‘Wonder Woman’s Hippolyta

'Wonder Woman's Hippolyta showcases how a controlling nature undermines and endangers Diana, making the Queen of Themyscira an example of…

June 11, 2017

Will “Wonder Woman” Truly Change Hollywood?

'Wonder Woman' won't change things in Hollywood until women are making the decisions behind the scenes.

June 3, 2017

The More You Know: Wonder Woman

A couple of months ago I knew very, very little about Wonder Woman, which is why I chose to look…

June 3, 2017

4 Lessons I Learned From Lynda Carter’s ‘Wonder Woman’

At 39, I finally understand all the lessons that Lynda Carter's 'Wonder Woman' taught me. And they've made me a…

June 3, 2017

Wonder Woman Eats: A Collection of Wonder Woman Recipes for Wonder Woman Day

Excited about the upcoming Wonder Woman movie? Why not express your joy through food? We're here to help. Here are…

June 3, 2017

‘Wonder Woman’ (Movie Review): Believe Me, It’s Good

Wonder Woman alone could carry the weight of expectations we held for this movie. So breathe a sigh of relief,…

May 30, 2017

Review: ‘Wonder Woman’ Animated Film Commemorative Edition

The new commemorative edition of the 'Wonder Woman' animated film contains great special features but the movie itself remains just…

May 16, 2017

The Wonder Woman Mother’s Day Gift Guide

For the Wonder Woman in your life.

May 6, 2017

How DC Collectibles Kindly Surprised Me at Toy Fair 2017

Toy Fair is a month behind us, but my meeting with DC Collectibles and personal tour by Jim Fletcher needed…

March 21, 2017

See Costumes From ‘Doctor Strange,’ ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Batman v Superman,’ and More Through April 22

See photos from some of 2016's best movie costumes, including 'Doctor Strange,' 'Batman v Superman,' and 'Rogue One.'

March 8, 2017

Defending Our Icons: From Padmavati to Wonder Woman

If an icon represents core beliefs of goodness in humanity, then surely it is not only the right but the…

February 24, 2017

‘Justice League Action’ Has the DC Comics Heroes We Deserve

If you long for the days of 'Batman: The Animated Series' and 'Justice League', has Cartoon Network got a show…

January 2, 2017