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Shuttle Countdown T-0 Launch Day: A Tribute to Atlantis

This morning will mark the final launch of a NASA Space Shuttle into orbit around Earth on its way to the International Space Station. At approximately 11:26am EST Atlantis will reach the T-0 mark for the last time and roar into the sky completing a long tenure of scientific discovery for NASA. Atlantis was named after RV Atlantis,… Read More

Shuttle Countdown T Minus 2 Days: A Tribute to Columbia

On April 12, 1981, a stark white Columbia broke the surly bonds of Earth when it roared into space as America’s first reusable Space Shuttle. Columbia (OV-103) was named after the American ship Columbia Rediviva which, under the command of Captain Robert Gray in the late 1790’s, explored the US Pacific Northwest and became the first American vessel to… Read More

Shuttle Countdown T-6 Days: Forecasting for Shuttle Launches

As GeekMom’s token meteorologist AND military member, in honor of the final shuttle mission planned for next week, I’m thrilled to share with you some insight into the weather forecast preparations for a space shuttle launch. After all, what delays launches most often?  The weather, right?  I’m not sure if a precise count exists, but… Read More

Pretend You’re an Astronaut and Wake Up To Shatner

Unless you have a very specific interest in space program journalism, the NASA news feed is usually on the dry side–headlines like “Crew wraps up flight” or “Guy you never heard of just left his job.” But Monday when I got the NASA email, I got Captain Kirk, because the Discovery crew got to wake… Read More

STS-133: Final Flight for Space Shuttle Discovery

This afternoon marks a historic moment for NASA’s space shuttle Discovery. Today will be the 39th and final time it will launch from Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida. After nearly three decades of active service, STS-133 is scheduled for its final launch at 4:50 PM EST. The launch was originally scheduled for last November,… Read More