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Is the AccuWeather App’s Future Radar… Accurate?

Is the AccuWeather App’s Future Radar… Accurate?

Patricia checks out the latest version of the AccuWeather Weather for Life app for iOS, featuring Future Radar. Read More


7 Geeky Weather Facts for Your Next Trivia Night

May I introduce this list of fun, trivia-game-worthy facts that you might only hear from a meteorologist. Impress your friends at parties! Inspire your kids! There’s no end to the fun here! These facts are in no particular order, just the order they popped into my head. Nor are they adherent to any particular theme in weather history or meteorology. Enjoy! Read More

Get Your Geek On with Ken Murphy’s “History of the Sky”

This video is best viewed in full screen at 1080p resolution.  Watch for the clock in the lower right of the movie. In mid-November artist Ken Murphy released a near-final-draft of a year-long photography project he’s been working on in conjunction with The Exploratorium museum in San Francisco. As explained in Ken Murphy’s blog, in… Read More

Nuclear Meteorology – A Primer

Wow — how did the GeekMoms get their hands on a trained nuclear meteorologist? I don’t really talk much about it because ordinarily peoples’ eyes tend to glaze over.  I mean, who wants to hear about such stuff? Right now, everyone wants to hear about it!  With the recent events in Japan, everyone is tuning… Read More