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Strange Grains

Strange Grains

Try something new in your family’s kitchen. Quinoa, amaranth, flax, and more. With recipes, history, and nutrition, check out these strange grains. Read More


Sara’s Cooking Class: Spil Games Knows Tween Girls (Part 2)

In Sara’s kitchen, you choose a recipe, (and they are ACTUAL recipes that you can cook IRL) and get started pulling out tools and ingredients. There’s a helping hand that will guide you through what you need to do, or you can choose to challenge yourself by noodling around on your own and figuring things out for yourself. You can view it as a way of covertly training your children to cook wonderful gourmet meals for you, while you lounge around the house reading food magazines, tearing out recipes for them to try. Read More

GeekSpawn Birthday Cakes

Cakerella I am not.  Duff Goldman I am not, either.  But I can dream, right? Hopefully my stuff looks better than what CakeWrecks posts, though 🙂 After spending about $30 on my youngest son’s first birthday cake in 2006 (that didn’t even taste that good), I decreed that I needed to learn some cake decorating… Read More